Out Of Step started out as an idea that we knew for sure could take us anywhere. The extension of it all was up to us. Naturally we experienced what a lot of creatives get to be part of: we loose control over the product as the magazine unfolds and manifests its own existence. Now it wasn't up to us anymore. Needless to say, we could not have pulled it through without the participation of so many minds and hands. But someone needs to put the right work into right peoples hands, and decide what is the right work. In the eye of the storm, there was always the Team:

Christin and Benedikte have dragged different skills into the process. We master a range of qualities and know how to combine them. Christin rules the visuals, but her competence is not limited to that. Being the creative director, she knows what makes the soup tasty and where to get the ingredients. She knows the fine art of balancing while pushing the limits even further. Her keen eyes does not miss what is new, and her filters tells her what would be original - and what wouldn't. She is the true art director: riding all the wild horses in the same direction.

Benedikte is a different kind of organizer. She sees to it that no detail is overlooked in the administrative department. When distributing a magazine, the looks are only halfway there. To direct the content and to make the calls and arrange for the paper to hit the printer, so to speak. To remind everybody and at the same time to get the money to flow. This is a different challenge, but sometimes you have to be just as creative. An educated copywriter is also responsible for producing some of the content, diving into the deeps waters of research and presenting an extract of what she found.

Out Of Step Magazine is dedicated to those who are dedicated in doing what they believe is right and valuable. Therefore we re-invent ourselves relentlessly and approach our work as a lifelong tango.


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